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"Had a little Sippn sweet corn whiskey tonight, I totally get the buttered corn taste!"
"shared the sippin corn last night at "choir practice" enjoyed by all"

Hey Chris,

I picked up a couple of bottles of your whiskey after I was in your shop today and I must say it is fantastic! I'm not a whiskey fan so I was pleasantly surprised when I tried yours and found how smooth it was and that I actually enjoyed whiskey for once. This will most likely become a mainstay in my place and I will definitely recommend to friends! Just wanted to say great work!

Have a good one sir!


To whom it may concern:

 I am a local small business owner here in Des Moines. My name is Dave B. owner of Superior Construction Services. And I believe in keeping my money in the local area.  I am emailing you as a very happy customer of your whiskey. For years I as well as many of my friends were die hard Txxxxxxxx Rxx fans and drinkers. I have toured Txxxxxxxx Rxx plant many times. I do not drink Txxxxxxxx Rxx now because they have become to commercialized and their product is not the same as it once was. One day recently I was turned on to your product by my father ( which isn't a whiskey drinker by the way ) I thought the old man was crazy when he said it was soo smooth. Well I bought a bottle and gave it a chance. I drink my whiskey straight on the rocks and I have to say of all the whiskey’s I have had, yours is probably one of the smoothest and most tasteful I have ever had!! I have to applaud you on a job well done!! I am emailing you this praise for nothing in return just as a happy Iowan customer that will verbally promote your whiskey!! Cheers!!


Dave B.

Thanks for shipping so fast. The Handi-Racker works great, and made in the US, I'll be telling my friends about where they can get one when they see it, and want one.
Again Thanks






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