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6/12/11 Sipp'n gets a new manufacturers barcode number  855677003

6/13/11 Sipp'n Sweet Corn Whiskey gets barcode.      855677003003

6/16/11 2d web bar code 

7/22/12 Sipp'n becomes legal entity

7/29/11 Mailed application to Feds

8/16/11 Re-mailed application to Feds. They needed more obvious information.

10/7/11 New label done!

10/7/11 Decided to use the Gold Zork for a stopper 

10/28/11 Sign artwork completed 

10/29/11 Still waiting on Feds

11/29/11 Successfully completed phone interview with TTB agent. Said we should have license in 2-3 weeks.

1/8/12 Formula mailed to TTB

2/22/12 Met with Representative Erik Helland to change mico-distillery laws

Approved label

3/20/12 Had to appeal with zoning, for city government approval

5/26/12 Submitted formula to TTB

6/9/12 Governor Grimes and Mrs. Grimes come out to support sipp'n during Governors Days in Grimes

Approved label



7/25/12 Promoting at Iowa Grand Rally at Speedway in Newton

8/13/12 People of Iowa wanting Sipp'n

8/29/12 Bottling Begins    

9/3/12 Signing 1st bottle pulled, last filled   

9/4/12 Finally, delivery day    

11/03/12 Great article in Des Moines Register Erin Randolph with pics by Andrea Melendez

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Posted on: 10:29 pm, May 8, 2013, by

What started as a crazy idea has turned into a big business for a Grimes couple.


6/1/13 Bronze Medal Judges Choice |  Washington Cup Spirits Competition



8/30/13 Silver Medal winner International Craft Competition

Our credible process is executed by two dozen respected and influential judges, ensuring competitive integrity in selecting brands to be awarded. Brands are scored on a 100 point scale, evaluated on dozens of characteristics (i.e., appearance, taste, aromatics, flavor, mouth-feel and finish) over a multilevel blind tasting procedure. Each of these subsets has varying ultimate scores. Scores are then tabulated and the 2013 International Craft Spirits Awards Competition results will be presented to the top tier brands.

2013 Silver Medal Winner

2014 Platinum Medal winner SIP Awards CompetitionSip Award

 The SIP Awards is the only international spirits competition leveling the playing field for established brands and newcomers alike by enlisting consumers as judges.

We remain steadfast in our goal of providing one of the most reliable measures of beverage quality rating in the world. The SIP Awards is the only international spirits competition that delivers the opinions, thoughts and voices of the consumers to the general public.





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